Life Sciences Overcome Technology IPOs in First Half 2014, Survey Finds

fenwickandwestA higher volume of life sciences than technology companies went public during the first half of 2014, Fenwick & West‘s latest initial public offerings (IPO) report found (read here).

The document, “Key Metrics for Recent Technology and Life Sciences Initial Public Offerings”, authored by Fenwick partners Dan Winnike and Jeff Vetter, analyzed technology and life sciences IPOs that were completed in the first half of 2014 by U.S. as well as international issuers. 76 were in total. Of them, 14 IPOs were for companies with headquarters outside the U.S., with six of these being for China-based companies, five for European-based companies, two for companies based in Israel and one company based in Canada.

Of the completed technology IPOs, just under 60% raised more than $100m, and just over 20% raised over $200m. Of completed life sciences IPOs, fewer than 20% raised over $100m and under 5% raised over $200m.

In addition, follow-on offerings for IPO issuers was popular during the first half of 2014. Of the 45 companies that completed life sciences or technology IPOs in the second half of 2013, 13 completed follow-on offerings within 180 days of their IPO.



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