TaKaDu Receives Equity Investment from 3M New Ventures

TaKaDu, a Yehud, Israel-based provider of advanced analytics services to monitor water networks, received an equity investment from 3M New Ventures.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The company intends to use the funds to scale the solution to water network owners worldwide and expand its technology capability.

Founded by CEO Amir Peleg in early 2009, TaKaDu provides a cloud-based solution that takes available raw network data and uses sophisticated analytics to detect and predict network issues, improve incidence response times and monitor and mitigate operational issues in the water grid.
It employs data fusion of raw network data (flow, pressure, water quality and more) and enriches it with secondary data (weather, GIS, calendar) while using advanced statistical algorithms to identify deviations from historical patterns. This approach allows TaKaDu to detect, classify and locate network inefficiencies including leaks, bursts, faulty meters, and zone breaches.



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