Im3D Clinic Sud Receives €2M Investment from Principia

Im3D Clinic Sud spa, an Italian company that specializes in oncologic screening research, received a €2m investment from Principia SGR.

With the transaction, Principia II acquired a 49% stake in Im3D Clinic srl, which is controlled by Im3D spa.

Founded in Turin in 2006, c It recently created Im3D Clinc Sud to develop research activities and deliver advanced services for oncologic screening in the South of Italy.
The company intends to use the funds to expand operations.
Im3D currently provides CAD Colon, an oncologic workstation with proprietary software, CAD (Computer Aided Detection) for the early detection of colon cancer in virtual colonoscopy virtuale, and e CAD BREAST DTS for the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Following the investment, Francesco Antonio Archetti, Professor, Università di Milano Bicocca, joined as president. He will be supported by CEO Gualtiero Rudella and director Andrea Caletti.



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