TopLine Game Labs Receives $25m Investment from Cantor Ventures

TopLine Game Labs, a Los Angeles-based developer of fantasy sports and social gaming platform, received a $25m investment from Cantor Ventures

Cantor will help the company grow the team, launch new products and applications, and develop the business.

Led by CEO digital media and technology executive David Geller, TopLine Game Labs is leveraging a mobile-first approach to build an (agnostic) platform that aims to power new sports and entertainment based socialĀ games.
Mr. Geller has experience in business strategy, product development, marketing, and operations. He most recently served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Dreamworks Animation Investments, Inc, a technology incubator of consumer products, mobile applications and platforms. Earlier, he was Global Head of Fantasy Sports for Yahoo! Sports. Geller has also served in leadership positions at Yahoo! Music, Overture, Inc., and RioPort, Inc.



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