G2 Crowd Launches with $2M

G2 Crowd, a Highland Park, IL-based site for business software reviews, launched with $2m in self-funding.

Co-founded by Godard Abel, Matt Gorniak and Tim Handorf, three former executives from SaaS pioneer BigMachines, G2 Crowd was launched to guide technology purchase decisions and help anyone, from end-users to CIOs in businesses of all sizes, compare and select the best software based on authentic peer reviews and ratings.
The site, which doesn’t sell leads or accept money for product placement from vendors, covers a wide range of both cloud and on-premise solutions, including CRM, marketing automation, ERP and accounting, HR management, CAD and IT infrastructure software, plus a wide range of hosting and IT consulting services.

Users rate products based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system, which asks how likely they are to recommend the product to a friend or colleague. They can also share in-depth reviews of product features, customer service and usability, adding color commentary to the NPS rating and making it easy to compare software.

The proceeds came from the sale of BigMachines to Vista Equity and JMI Equity.



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