Moneytribe Raises A$250K in Seed Funding

Moneytribe, a Melbourne, Australia-based social marketplace that connects people with the same products and providers together into tribes of like-consumers, has raised A$250k in seed funding.

Backers include existing Melbourne angels.

Founded by David Urpani and Andrew Coates, Moneytribe provides a tool that allows consumers to anonymously compare their financial product, price and feature choices and sentiment with people similar to them (their ‘tribes’) as well as to see what personalized product offers people like them are receiving and buying from the market. The company has completed its soft-launch phase in late July and is now planning to launch an updated mobile application in early December. The new release will include a “make me an offer” feature for health insurance and mortgages that enables anonymous consumers to request personalized offers that can be socialized with other like-consumers.
Moneytribe, which currently employs six people, owns domains for 20+ countries.



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