Gambitious Launches Hybrid Crowdfunding Platform for Video Games

Utrecht, The Netherlands-based Gambitious has just launched its hybrid crowdfunding platform for video games, which accepts both fan donations and equity investments (only legal in the European Union).

Led by CEO Paul Hanraets and Co-Founder Mike Wilson, Gambitious provides fans and investors the opportunity to back promising ideas that have a real chance for commercial viability. Developers access to the platform via a formal qualification process requiring them to submit a detailed business and marketing plan. If the game reaches its investment goal and turns a profit, the investors will receive dividends based on their initial investments.

The launch portfolio includes seven new projects from both indie visionaries and veteran game designers.
Games available for pledges in the USA and/or equity-based funding in the European Union include:
– Candy Kids by Abstraction Games, The Netherlands
– Cosmic DJ by Gl33k, USA
– Mushroom Men by Red Fly Studio, USA
– Piratoons by Fishing Cactus, Belgium
– Super Micro Heroes by Mutant Games, Spain
– Tink by Mimimi Productions, Germany
– Train Fever by Urban Games, Switzerland
Upcoming projects include:
– Earth No More by 3D Realms, USA
– Pantzer Pets by Gamundo, The Netherlands
– Stronghold Crusaders 2 by Firefly Studios, England



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