Find Invest Grow, Interview with Founder James King

At a Glance
Name: James King
Age: 27
Location: London (UK)
Current job: Managing Director of the FIG Group
CV – Backed companies and main role in them:
– Founder – FIG, NMVC;
– Investor – Wazoku, MuJo Mechanics, Bertie & Bean
Previous jobs: Consultant
Other interests: Rugby, Classical Guitar, Program design
Family: 2 Brothers and a better half

The Interview
FinSMEs: Hello James, thank you for joining us. Firstly, how long have you been an investor?
James:Hello FinSMEs, I’ve been an investor for 4 years“.

FinSMEs: What kind of business do you back?
James:I invest in London-based, pre-revenue companies“.

FinSMEs: What do you like to see in an entrepreneur and the company’s management team?
James:Dedication, willingness to listen and be willing to cut losses“.

FinSMEs: How can you assess the quality of people?
James:Proof of the aforementioned when analysing their business. They can’t be stubborn, they need to accept that they are not perfect and where they can improve”.

FinSMEs: Which other characteristics do you like to see in companies?
James:I like them to be addressing a need ahead of a want – and a need that isn’t only experienced by their social circles“.

FinSMEs: What don’t you want to see when an entrepreneur approaches you?
James:Arrogance – Confidence is no bad thing, but when someone believes they are better than other people, then they won’t listen to others’ opinions.

FinSMEs: How do you try to bring value to the company you invest in?
James:I hope to offer a critical eye, a seasoned financial perspective (having founded 3 of my own ventures) and an additional pair of hands to do more than just open doors”.

FinSMEs: Which is your latest investment?
James:Bertie & Bean – watch this space, their team is incredible, they listen, adapt and execute with ruthless efficiency. They’ve got some amazing plans in the pipeline”.



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