Altermune Technologies LLC Raises US$7M in Seed Funding

Altermune Technologies LLC, a newly formed company focused on the development of novel therapeutics to combat resistant pathogens such as MRSA, C. difficile, pseudomonas, and pandemic influenza, has raised US$7m in seed funding.

London, UK-based Loxbridge Research LLP is the founding investor in the company, which was created along with Dr Kary Mullis, the Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

Dr Mullis takes on the role of CSO while Dr Charles Roberts, CEO of Loxbridge, becomes President of Altermune for the initial developmental period.

The company is led by a team of in-house scientists, and a wide network of partnerships, including collaborative research arrangements with a number of universities in the USA and Europe and corporate relationships with companies in oligonucleotide synthesis and aptamer selection.



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