PowerInbox Raises $1.1M

PowerInbox, a Boston, MA-based open app platform for email, has raised $1.1m from venture capital and angel investors.

Investors include Atlas Venture (Jeff Fagnan), Longworth Ventures (Jim Savage), Correlation Ventures (Trevor Kienzle), and angels Alan Phillips, Chris Lynch, Joe Caruso, Leslie Murdock, Mark Rose, Mike Santullo, end others. PowerInbox found most of these investors through AngelList.

Powerinbox’s service, which has been made available to the public today, enables users to run apps from inside their email messages. It works on Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail with Outlook coming soon. The company’s open app platform also lets developers create apps that run on all email using HTML5.

Powerinbox (watch the video at http://vimeo.com/27427184) was founded by CEO Matt Thazhmon.



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