BIOACTOR Closes €2M Series A Financing Round

BIOACTOR B.V., a Maastricht, Netherlands-based health ingredients company, has closed a €2m Series A financing round.

Investors include ICOS Capital, Nedermaas Ventures and Limburg Ventures. Hans van der Saag, the Company’s CEO and founder, also participated in the funding.

The company intends to use the funds to launch its first product BONOLIVE, an innovative health ingredient that is clinically proven to stimulate bone producing cells, and to finance clinical validation studies for other products in the pipeline.
BONOLIVE will be launched in the USA this year.

BioActor develops proprietary health ingredients for use in functional foods, medical nutrition and dietary supplements. All these ingredients address chronic health concerns, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, that would benefit from preventative measures through the diet. The company operates through the establishment of alliances with nutrition research institutes (e.g. INRA, CSIC, Maastricht University, UCL, Ghent University) and production partnerships with industrial players to shorten its commercialization market.



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