Icos Capital and StartLife Team Up to Build Agrifood Companies

Icos Capital, an Amsterdam, the Netherlands-based collaborative venture capital firm, has partnered with StartLife, a Wageningen, Netherlands-based agrifoodtech accelerator to back and build to agrifood companies.

The partnership will enable Icos Capital to tap into StartLife’s ecosystem while providing agrifoodtech startups with guidance and investment to grow.

Led by Founder and CEO Nityen Lal, Icos Capital is the sector’s premier early growth stage investor in Europe with investments in companies like Nutrileads, Gamaya, Innovopro and Bioactor.

For StartLife, the partnership will enable agrifoodtech startups to progress through growth challenges. The accelerator also sees the deal as an opportunity to strengthen its presence outside the Netherlands and expand internationally across the world. 

Since 2010, StartLife has supported over 300 agrifoodtech startups that have raised over €180 million follow-on capital.