NextDigest Raises $390K

NextDigest, a network of 14 newsletters focusing world’s top technology industries, has raised $390k.

Investors including 500Startups, Charles Hudson, Tim Trampedach, Marco Magnocavallo, Joshua Baer, and Ron Gutman provided a total of $190k. In addition, the company secured a $200k sponsorship from The Kauffman Foundation.

NextDigest intends to use the funds to expand its network of weekly email newsletters to include new verticals throughout the technology industry.

Founded in 2009 by CEO Chris McCann, the network offers tech-related articles, events, jobs, and educational content to over 250,000 subscribers worldwide. It covers the following industries: Startups, Mobile, Social Media, Health Tech, Hacking (Software Development), Gaming, Green Tech, Enterprise, Cloud, Advertising Tech, Finance Tech & Payments and Retail & Commerce.

NextDigest is the parent company of StartupDigest, which provides technology entrepreneurs with info about startup events and educational content in their area.



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