AzureBio Receives €800K Equity Financing

AzureBio, a Tres Cantos (Madrid), Spain-based biotechnology company that specializes in applying new stabilization technologies for drugs and biomaterials, has received an €800k equity financing.

Investors include Fitalent, the “Real de Vellón” fund managed by Clave Mayor, Geiser Pharma and Galenicum.

Founded in 2007 by Arcadio and Pedro Garcia de Castro, AzureBio is currently developing two projects:
– “Injectable Needles,” a system of administration of drugs and vaccines from biodegradable solid needles containing the active ingredient which can be administered subcutaneously using simple devices injectors. The system, which would be especially useful in poor countries where resources are limited, would replace conventional needles and syringes and avoid the need for cold storage, reconstitution with sterile water, handling and reuse of hypodermic needles and the need for technical personnel to administer the medication;
– “Synthetic Bone”, a synthetic matrix of bone regeneration using phosphate and silicate.

The company also offers design services to third parties for the administration of active ingredients and product stabilization of reagents for use in diagnosis and treatment of samples with biological activity.



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