Silhouette Acquired by 21 Centrale Partners and SEC Partners

Silhouette, a Swiss leader in fitness clubs, has been acquired by 21 Centrale Partners, in association with SEC Partners.
This transaction follows the acquistion of Club Med Gym, the French leader in fitness clubs, that took place in 2008 from Club Méditerranée. 
Under 21 Centrale Partners, the two companies will continue to pursue their core value creation strategy focusing on strengthening their leadership position in France and in Switzerland through the opening of new fitness clubs.
Led by CEO Raoul Walter, Silhouette operates a network of 22 member clubs in Geneva, Zürich and Brussels and 2 “Corporate” clubs.
Club Med Gym owns 22 fitness clubs in Paris, operates 32 “Corporate” clubs in large companies or luxury hotels, and runs IMF, a professional school which delivers trainer diplomas, accredited by European
fitness authorities. It is led by CEO Franck Gueguen and CFO Franck Hedin.

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