Ingeniatrics Raises €1.6M in Funding

Ingeniatrics, a Seville, Spain-based technology company with over 50 patents and applications in Flow Focusing and Flow Blurring micro and nanoscale production technologies of aerosols, particles, emulsions and microencapsulation, has raised €1.6m in funding.
Investors include Caixa Capital Risc and Invercaria (via the Jeremie Fund), and the company’s management team.
Ingeniatrics intends to use the funds to develop an industrial-scale production plant for microencapsulation of Flow Focusing®, a technology that can be used to design and produce microparticles of a chosen size, structure and composition. It was invented and developed by the company’s President Alfonso Miguel Gañán Calvo.
Ingeniatrics will also recruit international marketing managers and acquire the necessary certificates.
Founded in 2001 by a team of biotech entrepreneurs and researchers from the University of Seville and led by Gómez Moya, the company currently employs 20 people.

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