Strava Raises $3.5M in Series A Funding

Strava, Inc., a San Francisco-based developer of Web and mobile apps for athletes, has raised $3.5m in a Series A funding.
The round was led by Sigma Partners.
The company intends to use the funding to expand its team, add products and services for athletes in sports beyond its current offerings for cyclists, and broaden the Strava Mobs, its communities of athletes using Strava.
Founded by CEO Michael Horvath, and Mark Gainey, the company provides GPS-based solution including a range of comparison and competition data, enabling users to track milestones and compete with themselves and others to improve performance and enhance their enjoyment of their sport. The current offerings serve cyclists.
Strava supports all Garmin Forerunner and Edge devices, including Garmin Forerunner 110, 205, 301, 305, 310XT, 405, 405CX, and Garmin Edge 305, 605, 705, 500. The iPhone app is currently in beta.

[vimeo w=400&h=315]
Strava for Cyclists from Strava on Vimeo.

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