Primekss Receives €1.4M Investment from BaltCap

Primekss, a Riga, Latvia-based concrete floors contracting company, has received a €1.4m investment from the BaltCap Latvia Venture Capital Fund.
With the investment, the fund has taken a “significant” minority stake in the company.
Established 1997, Primekss has developed a patented technology for casting slender, tough, jointless concrete floors for heavy use, which are designed to improve the operating efficiency of large automated warehouses and other commercial and industrial premises. In addition, the technology saves up to 50% of CO₂ emissions during construction, the company says.
Its new PrimeComposite technology has been widely adapted by leading customers across Scandinavia and Baltics, including environmentally conscious general contractor Skanska, The Postal Service of Norway and others.
The BaltCap Latvia Venture Capital Fund is part of the EU Structural Fund’s co-financed JEREMIE Holding Fund managed by the European Investment Fund in Latvia.

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