Intelligent Apps Receives Investment from T-Venture and e42

Intelligent Apps GmbH, the Hamburg, Germany-based developer of the taxi booking system 1TouchTaxi, has received an investment of undisclosed amount from T-Venture and e42.

The software is designed to is revolutionize the taxi industry by providing the possibility to hail and book a taxi, for example via a smartphone application. 1TouchTaxi determines the geo location of the passenger automatically and the taxi within shortest range to the passenger is notified. Complementary features include access to information about the taxi, the driver, the time of arrival and expected fare price ahead of the actual taxi ride.
Prior to the arrival of the taxi, the user can track its position on a map on his smartphone.
The software is currently available to taxi drivers and passengers in Hamburg. Since March 2010, about 450 taxi drivers have decided to use 1TouchTaxi for their customers.
The new capital will allow the company to roll out and establish the system in other German cities and expand its feature set.

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