Printechnologics Receives Investment from 3M New Ventures

Printechnologics, a Chemnitz, Germany-based printed electronics specialist, has received an investment of undisclosed amount from 3M New Ventures.
The investment is aimed at joint efforts for providing innovative solutions for electronic circuitry on paper or foil. 
Launched in 2006, Printechnologics has developed an innovative technology designed to enable printed circuit structures on paper. As stated by Sascha Voigt, co-founder of Printechnologics, in the future, most paper products will include electronic data carriers enabling them to store data and communicate with the environment.
“We start connecting print products with online content”, he added.
Jan Thiele, co-founder of Printechnologics, said: “Printechnologics offers one of the most cost efficient printing solutions for electronics on paper. 
“The results are environment-friendly, low-cost data structures that open up visionary possibilities in countless application areas. 
We are proud to work with an outstanding partner like 3M to explore new application fields outside of our current core business”.

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