Glythera Receives Second Tranche of £500,000 Funding

Glythera Ltd, a UK-based spin out company from the University of Bath specialising in a new generation of biological therapeutics through advanced glycosylation technologies, had met key technical and commercial milestones as part of its Investment Agreement with the University of Bath Crescent Seedcorn fund and AIM-listed IP Group
For this reason, the company will receive the second tranche of its £500,000 Investment to further advance its research in protein/peptide functionalisation and glycosylation technologies. As stated by Executive Chairman Dr Anthony Baxter, the financing will enable Glythera to continue with the commercialisation of its Permalink and PermaCarb technologies. 
Technical milestones achieved include the validation of the company’s PermaLink technology, a patented linker chemistry designed to selectively modify cysteine groups to stably attach functional groups (PEG, carbohydrates) at defined locations on therapeutic proteins, vaccines and peptides. 
Commercial milestones achieved include partnerships with four pharmaceutical companies and governmental research organisations. These include the recently announced partnerships with PATH and the FDA.

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