England, £4M to Help Businesses and Organisations Become Greener through Bio-Energy

The Department of Energy and Climate Change announced that funding is available for business and community organisations, such as schools and hospitals to help towards the cost of buying and installing biomass-fuelled heating and combined heat & power projects in England.
Within the framework of the Bio-energy Capital Grants scheme, an overall £4m funding is available with grants up to £500,000 on offer to individual projects. These would pay for up to 40% of the difference in cost between a biomass boiler and its fossil fuel alternative.
The scheme will make up funding available to organisations which intend to install biomass boilers or Combined Heat and Power systems, including anaerobic digesters. These create energy from biomass such as wood chips and miscanthus, or from waste.
Applicants include industrial and commercial sectors in England such as public and private limited companies, from pubs, clubs, shops or farms, to offices, supermarkets and large businesses like breweries or airports.
Community organisations like schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, local authorities, housing associations and charities can also apply.
The scheme is open until 31 March 2010. For details and information on how to apply, visit www.biocapitalgrants.org.uk.

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