UK Midlands, Seed Fund for Life Sciences Companies Launched

BioCity Nottingham, a local bioscience and life sciences incubators, launched a new investment fund focused on providing seed finance for bioscience, pharmaceutical, medical technology and healthcare businesses companies.
The Mobius Life Sciences Fund aims at providing the bridge in finance and expertise which will enable companies in these sectors to succeed in subsequent funding rounds.
In addition, the Fund has won the support of Nottingham City Council in the provision of unsecured loan finance alongside the Mobius equity investment. The provision of debt financing is a significant advantage because access to complementary loan funding can carry a successful life sciences company through difficult short-term trading periods.
The deal flow is guaranteed by the BioCity’s strong relationships with funding bodies, University connections and other networks, as well as its established early stage company development programmes, such as the Bioscience Germinator.
Successful applicants will benefit from access to laboratory and research equipment based in BioCity, extensive expertise drawn from national and international connections, other funds including grants for R&D and global opportunities to inter-trade.

Mobius will also co-invest alongside other early stage investors, including business angels, and will act as a feeder to later stage funds.

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