Belgium, PharmaDiagnostics Raises €2.5M in Second Round of Financing

PharmaDiagnostics NV, a Zellik, Belgium-based company developing a label-free screening technology, announced that it has raised €2.5m in a second round of funding led by Capital-E.
In addition, the company has appointed Dr David Ricketts as chief executive officer.
Ricketts, 47, will supervise an ambitious growth programme. PharmaDiagnostics develops a label-free screening technology with the capability of operating without the need for specialized hardware. The technology is applicable to a range of applications including receptor-ligand binding, enzymatic reactions, antibody screening and ADME. The company is also seeking collaborations to develop applications in compound screening, particularly fragment screening and antibody screening.
Founded in 2007, PharmaDiagnostics has raised to date more than €4.0m in two rounds of venture funding and €100,000 in grants from IWT (Instituut voor de aanmoediging van innovatie door Wetenschap & Technologie in Vlaanderen), a Flemish innovation agency.

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