Ariana Pharma Receives €1.0M from France’s Innovation Agency OSEO

Paris, France-based Ariana Pharma, a provider of decision support tools and services to accelerate drug discovery and development, is to receive €1m from France’s innovation agency, OSEO.
The funding is part of IMAkinib, a 8-year, €24.7m collaborative programme to develop biomarkers for oncology.
IMAkinib aims to improve oncology treatments by developing a new generation of specific biomarkers for diagnostics and targeted therapies. In the framework of the project, Ariana’s KEM (Knowledge Extraction Management) technology can shorten the time needed to develop biomarkers and thereby reduce costs.
Apart from the programme itself, this project will allow Ariana to develop its expertise by extending the application of its KEM technology to the field of in vivo biomarkers.

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