UK, £7.2M for SMEs to Develop Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Demonstration Projects

A competition for up to £7.2 million of funding for companies to develop Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technology opens today.

The competition, which is funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change and managed  by  Government-backed Technology Strategy Board, is part of measures for stimulating low carbon technologies announced in this year’s budget.
In particular, recognising the role of fuel cells and hydrogen in achieving targeted reductions in CO2 emission,  the competition is aimed to assist the efforts of UK companies collaborating to commercialise fuel cells and hydrogen technologies by providing capital funding towards the costs of demonstration.
The demonstration projects would build on the Technology Strategy Board and Carbon Trust existing portfolio of ‘near-to-demonstration’ projects and on the recent Technology Strategy Board Fuel cells and Hydrogen technologies competition for funding.
The programme will cover transport and stationary market applications and enable full scale up demonstration projects that have already successfully undertaken research, development and prototyping projects, including smaller scale demonstration.
For further information, visit the competition’s website: 

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