Navisens Raises $2.6M in Seed Funding

navisensNavisens, a San Francisco, CA-based location platform, raised $2.6m in seed funding.

The round was led by Resolute Ventures with participation from KEC Ventures, Amicus Capital, Arba Seed Investment Group, and angel investor Gokul Rajaram.

Led by Dr. Ashod Donikian, CEO and founder, Navisens is a location platform that operates indoors and outdoors without relying on infrastructure such as WiFi Access Points (APs), Bluetooth Beacons, or GPS. It processes data from the accelerometers and gyroscopes built into mobile devices, applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to achieve accuracy and granularity.
The company also provides additional information such as the orientation of the device and whether the device is stationary, in-use, or in-motion, all in real time.
The technology is used by shopping malls to guide and interact with their customers, enterprise companies to improve the efficiency and safety of their workforce, vehicle navigation apps to improve navigation accuracy and routing efficiency, and Augmented Reality (AR) applications which are currently limited by existing location technologies.

The company is also introducing its patent-pending technology, motionDNA, a location solution that employs motion sensors in smartphones, which promises to be more reliable than GPS outdoors and more accurate than alternative location solutions indoors.
It is available as a native SDK for iOS and Android, and also as a web API to process sensor data within the browser without requiring an app to be installed on the phone.



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