Cormedics Completes $1M Start-up Funding

Cormedics Corp., a Houston, Texas-based medical device company focused on developing novel technologies that selectively treat the entire heart with drug, cell, gene, and device therapies by introduction into the pericardial space, has completed its start-up funding with the Texas Emerging Technology Fund (ETF), totalling $750k since late 2009.

In September, Palo Alto medical technology investor Patrick Rivelli invested $250k. Rivelli also joined the company’s board.

Led by CEO Jim Meador, Cormedics has been developing intrapericardial products that provide access to the entire epicardial surface of the heart for pericardial effusion, electrophysiology, and cardiac rhythm device therapies. The company’s PeriPort provides safe access to the pericardial space surrounding the heart to enable delivery of targeted heart disease treatment.
Cormedics has been issued five U.S. patents on intrapericardial therapies, including the PeriPort.



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