PayRetailers Acquires Transfeera

PayRetailers, a Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain-based fintech company which specialises in payments operations in Latin America, acquired Transfeera, a regulated payment company in Brazil.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

Led by CEO Fernando Nunes, Transfeera offers platform and technology solutions for payment processing and bank data validation.

With the acquisition, PayRetailers will expand its business in Brazil. Transfeera brought more than 450 new customers and 62 employees, expanding PayRetailers’ structure to 100 employees in Brazil and 550 worldwide, distributed across ten offices.

Led by CEO and Founder Juan Pablo Jutgla, PayRetailers is a global leader in payment processing in Latin America and Africa. It aims to offer complete solutions for e-commerce, covering the entire process of international transactions without the need for a local entity. Through a single API, an advanced technological platform, and commercial agreements, the company enables access to over 250 local payment methods. Operating in more than 20 countries in Latin America and Africa, PayRetailers aims to double its number of employees in Brazil by 2025 and expand its services to Brazilian companies.