DoorSpace Raises $2M in Seed Funding

DoorSpace, a Houston, TX-based B2B healthcare technology company, raised $2M in Seed funding.

Backers were not disclosed.

The company intends to use the funds to consolidate and expand its position in the market and extend the functionality of their platform.

Led by CEO Sarah M. Worthy, DoorSpace is delivering a cloud-based solution that helps healthcare professionals manage personnel, administration monitoring, and organization systems in a single platform. To enrich user experience and enhance its value proposition, DoorSpace will channel resources into developing and enhancing their platform, with an emphasis on integrating AI and ML capabilities to elevate the efficacy of the application.

Commenting on the news, Sarah M. Worthy said: “We are very excited and optimistic about what the future holds for DoorSpace. This funding will be used to expand our capabilities so that we can help even more clinicians and healthcare organizations. Our platform’s purpose is to make work better for healthcare professionals; we see a real need to make operations more efficient within the healthcare industry and we are here to be a part of the solution.”