Bricklayer AI Raises $2.5M in Pre-Seed Funding

Bricklayer AI

Bricklayer AI Inc., a McLean, VA-based AI cybersecurity solution that enables autonomous AI specialists to work alongside human experts, raised $2.5m in pre-seed funding.

Backers included Sovereign’s Capital, Dreamit Ventures, VIPC’s Virginia Venture Partners, BlueWing Ventures, and Blu Ventures, as well as cybersecurity industry leaders. 

The company intends to use the funds to expand product development creating Autonomous AI Specialists that work alongside human experts, to run security operations.

Led by Founder and CEO Adam Vincent, Bricklayer AI has built an autonomous security platform that combines multiple AI agents to form a team of AI specialists that collaborate with their human peers to create an efficient cybersecurity team. The product has been focused on an autonomous agent vision from the beginning. Using Bricklayer AI, human SOC teams select AI Specialists, equip them with AI tools, create tasks and run procedures – and automate these processes at scale.

Bricklayer augments the existing human team across any existing processes and technologies.