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Gaming, Stablecoins and Product Innovation Take the Stage at Sui Basecamp, Inaugural Global Conference for the Sui Ecosystem


Paris, France, April 10th, 2024, Chainwire

Sui Basecamp, the inaugural global conference for the Sui ecosystem opened its doors today in Paris, welcoming developers and entrepreneurs from around the world as they celebrate Paris Blockchain Week.

A two-day event across two venues, Sui Basecamp features speakers across web2 and web3, spanning industry verticals from payments to gaming to ecommerce to major league sports. A celebration and exploration of the latest developments in web3, attendees are invited to presentations on cryptography from some of the world’s leading technologists, fireside chats on increasing market liquidity, and panels on real-world technological use cases. 

Highlight announcements from the conference included: 

  • Introducing the SuiPlay0x1 – a lightweight handheld gaming device designed in collaboration with Playtron. SuiPlay0x1 runs Playtron’s device-agnostic gaming operating system, which is building up compatibility with various hardware configurations, gaming storefronts and direct-download game partners. The SuiPlay is the first handheld gaming device with native web3 capabilities, and will be available in stores worldwide in 2025. 
  • First Digital Labs is launching FDUSD, the fastest-growing stablecoin in crypto, on Sui, becoming the ecosystem’s first native stablecoin. Originally deployed on Ethereum and BNB, with plans to expand to other blockchains, Sui becomes the first blockchain FDUSD has expanded to since its inception. FDUSD launched in August 2023 and has already amassed a market cap of over $3.5 billion. Over the last week, FDUSD has seen the fifth-highest trading volume across the entire industry, including over $8 billion of volume in a single day.
  • Enoki – Mysten Labs, the original contributor to Sui, has announced the launch of the Enoki platform, the gateway to next-gen customer experiences. Inside the Enoki portal, enterprises can access, leverage and embed public ledger solutions inside their applications, products and services, thanks to SDKs powered by Sui’s native feature, zkLogin. Partners integrating Enoki at launch include:
  • Bluefin, a perpetual DEX with blazing-fast settlement and a seamless trading experience.
  • Drife, a decentralized ride-hailing platform powered by blockchain with the intent of empowering both, the drivers and commuters.
  • Quantum Temple, the digital platform for immersive cultural travel.

The event is a two-day affair that began at 9:30 AM local time on Wednesday, April 10, and concludes at 4:15 PM CET on Thursday, April 11. On Wednesday night, registered guests are invited to attend the Sui Soiree, an evening of cocktails, refreshments and dancing with a performance by German electronic music record producer, songwriter and DJ, Boys Noize. For more information, please visit sui.io/basecamp

About Sui—Sui is a first-of-its-kind Layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform designed from the bottom up to make digital asset ownership fast, private, secure, and accessible to everyone. Its object-centric model, based on the Move programming language, enables parallel execution, sub-second finality, and rich on-chain assets. With horizontally scalable processing and storage, Sui supports a wide range of applications with unrivaled speed at low cost. Sui is a step-function advancement in blockchain and a platform on which creators and developers can build amazing, user-friendly experiences. Learn more: https://sui.io 

About Mysten Labs—Mysten Labs is a team of leading distributed systems, programming languages, and cryptography experts whose founders were senior executives and lead architects of pioneering blockchain projects. The mission of Mysten Labs is to create foundational infrastructure for web3. Learn more: https://mystenlabs.com 

About First Digital Labs—First Digital Labs is the brand name of FD121 Limited, a Hong Kong-registered subsidiary under the First Digital Group. First Digital Labs focuses on cutting-edge research and development, specializing in the innovation and advancement of digital assets. First Digital Labs is the issuer of the FDUSD stablecoin. To learn more about First Digital Lab, visit https://firstdigitallabs.com/.  

About Playtron—Playtron is building a lightweight gaming OS optimized for a new generation of powerful handheld gaming PCs and beyond. Play all your games from every store: Steam, Epic, GOG, and more. Playtron’s founders built Android to 1B users while simultaneously overseeing a multi-hundred person operational system team in an attempt to unseat the incumbent mobile duopoly. Playtron is backed by Samsung Next, Polychain, Circle, Mysten Labs, Alumni Ventures and more. Playtron-powered devices will start to ship world wide later this year ready to onboard the next 100 million core and casual gamers.


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