Elisity Raises $37M in Series B Funding


Elisity, a San Jose, CA-based company which specializes in identity-based microsegmentation, raised $37M in Series B funding.

Backers included Insight Partners, with participation from AllegisCyber Capital and Two Bear Capital.

The company intends to use the funds to extend its platform’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, fully leveraging organizations’ device identity data to anticipate and pre-empt emerging cyber threats and establish unprecedented control over IT, OT, IoT and hybrid environments.

Led by CEO James Winebrenner, Elisity improves network security, implementing dynamic, context-aware policies that adapt to modern cyber threats. Its identity-based approach to microsegmentation allows networking teams to gain visibility and focus on enhancing performance and availability while security teams assert more granular control over users, devices and workloads based on their contextual attributes. In this way, the company addresses the challenge of deploying microsegmentation and streamlines efforts to deploy zero trust and other critical capabilities.

Commenting on the news, James Winebrenner said: “Traditional segmentation efforts often pitted performance and availability focused networking teams against security teams inserting control choke points. By abstracting segmentation from network operations, Elisity removes traditional project friction, costs and delays, allowing zero trust projects to quickly proceed and enabling new network security capabilities as needs evolve tomorrow.”