Silencio Network Raises $1M in Funding

Silencio Network

Silencio Network, a Munich, Germany-based provider of decentralized data coverage solutions combating noise pollution, raised $1M in funding.

The round was led by Borderless Capital with participation from Moonrock Capital, Master Ventures and others.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate growth, enhance data integrity, foster partnerships and further strategic initiatives.

Led by CEO Thomas Messerer, Silencio Network is a provider of decentralized data coverage solutions that leverage blockchain technology, specifically the Peaq blockchain, to create a large noise level data bank. It collects data over a total area equivalent to twice the size of Miami on a weekly basis. This scale of operation showcases the network’s data collection capabilities.
Since its launch, Silencio Network has seen doubled its user base to 92,000 in one month and grew by 12k users weekly (at the time of writing).

Commenting on the news, Thomas Messerer said: “This investment goes beyond financial backing; it represents a shared belief in harnessing the power of blockchain for innovative data solutions. With Borderless Capital’s support, we are more equipped than ever to push the boundaries of data coverage in the decentralized era.”