Point2 Tech Raises Additional $22.6M Series B Funding

Point2 Tech

Point2 Technology, a San Jose, CA-based provider of ultra-low-power, low-latency mixed-signal SoC solutions for multi-terabit interconnect, raised additional $22.6M in Series B funding.

Backers included Bosch Ventures, Molex, and other investors.

This extension will validate the demand for Point2’s technology in AI/ML data center applications.

Led by CEO and Founder Sean Park, Point2 designs and manufactures ultra-low power, low-latency, point-to-point interconnect and range enhancement SoC solutions purpose-built to meet the bandwidth requirements of hyperscale AI/ML datacenters and 5G infrastructure.

The company is also partnering with Molex to commercialize its E-Tube technology, a scalable interconnect platform that uses RF data transmission over plastic dielectric waveguide to enable multi-terabit active cables with 80% lower weight and 50% less bulk than copper cables.

Commenting on the news, Sean Park said: “Our collaboration with Bosch underlines the importance and high potential of Point2’s low-power, low-latency, scalable interconnect technologies in the expansive automotive sector and further amplifies our impact in connecting AI workloads for the growing data center market.”