Lionize Raises $2M in Funding

Lionize, a NYC-based provider of a AI-driven influencer search tool and influencer marketing platform, raised $2M in funding.

The round was led by Cultivation Capital.

The company intends to use the funds to further enhance the development of its platform.

Led by CEO Chris Buetti, Lionize helps influencers marketing with its AI-driven platform, designed to simplify and enhance the efficacy of influencer campaigns, especially in managing large communities of micro-influencers. The platform’s proprietary search engine automates the sourcing and qualification process, enabling the efficient management of influencer partnerships at scale and turning non-influencers into influential voices for brands. Leveraging experience from over 600 influencer campaigns, Lionize offers a data-driven, automated setup for optimal campaign outcomes, making it a budget-friendly option that allows working with larger quantities of influencers.

Commenting on the news, Chris Buetti said: “We take the heavy lifting out of the process – from sourcing and recruitment to contracting, tracking, reporting, and even payment. This comprehensive approach is especially crucial when dealing with large numbers of micro-influencers, where the complexity can escalate quickly. We are grateful for Cultivation Capital’s support as we continue to expand our product capabilities and drive value for clients.”