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GigaStar Secures $3M in Additional Funding



GigaStar, a Chicago, IL-based startup focused on human creativity, raised $3M in additional funding.

Investors included DV Crypto VC, Tomsic Holdings, Nameless Ventures, Belvedere Strategic Capital, and Metropolitan Capital Bank.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate efforts to scale GigaStar Market (its current primary market platform), attain its broker-dealer registration, and develop its secondary market, which is anticipated to launch by the end of 2024.

Led by CEO Hazem Dawani, GigaStar empowers creators and investors to grow together. Through its Market, Creators monetize potential future revenue by accessing thousands of strategic Investors in a streamlined platform. Creators can build an army of promoters while Investors gain access to the Creator Economy to share YouTube revenue with Creators, enjoy an alternative investment, and join an exclusive club.

GigaStar Market, an SEC-registered funding portal, operates under Reg CF and has launched seven YouTube channel offerings, raising $1.2M+ on the platform with over 12,000 investor accounts.