Vigilant Ops Receives $2M in Seed Funding

Vigilant Ops, a Pittsburgh, PA-based SBOM’s automation platform, received $2M in Seed funding from DataTribe.

Leo Scott, DataTribe CTO, will join the Vigilant Ops Board.

The company intends to use the funds to expand the capabilities of its InSight platform across multiple critical infrastructure industries.

Led by CEO Ken Zalevsky, Vigilant Ops provides an automation platform for the generation, maintenance, and authenticated sharing of certified Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).

Vigilant Ops, which has focused primarily on the healthcare sector, will continue to build a complete inventory of software components recognized by legislation and regulatory requirements to expand into the energy, telecom, manufacturing, information technology, financial services, and communications industries.

The company, winner of the 6th annual DataTribe Challenge in November, performs continuous vulnerability monitoring and alerting, security patch notifications, and the ability to upload SBOMs — lists of the software libraries embedded in products — from alternate sources.