RocketStar Raises $2M in Seed Funding; Acquires Electric Propulsion Company Miles Space


RocketStar, a NYC-based company which specialized in space exploration and satellite services, raised $2M in Seed funding.

The backers were not disclosed.

The company also acquired Miles Space, a space propulsion and spacecraft manufacturer. RocketStar intends to use the funds to solidify the merger and support operations.

Led by CEO Chris Craddock, RocketStar is an innovator in rocket propulsion technologies recognized for its patent-pending Aerospike Engine as being reusable, reliable, and affordable.

Miles Space developed an electric thruster and is currently working on a nuclear-fusion enhanced version of that thruster with RocketStar’s guidance. Miles Space’s in-space propulsion experience serves as a natural extension of RocketStar’s existing suite of services, especially as it pertains to fusion propulsion, space communications and rocket launch offerings.

Miles Space also brings with it a portfolio of digital signal processing software that enables communications deep into space, as well as capabilities for low probability of intercept communications and passive radar.

Finally, RocketStar added Mitch Simpler, Partner Emeritus and former Managing Partner of Jaros, Baum & Bolles, to its board of directors.