Eesee Raises $2.85M in Funding

eeseea Dubai, United Arab Emirates-based one-stop liquidity solution and gamified marketplace for sellers, closed a $2.85m funding round.

The raise included a $1.1m seed round and a $1.75m private round, with participation from SevenX Ventures, Maven Capital, MetaBros, Contango Digital Assets, BasementDAO, and more.

Led by Vova Sadkov, Founder and CEO, eesee is a one-stop liquidity solution for sellers of digital assets, tokens and RWAs. Sellers can create a customized gamified drop, such as a decentralized onchain raffle, to effectively sell an asset above the current floor price. For buyers, raffles can include action-based entries, where participation in a raffle is determined by completing certain tasks. Similar to airdrop incentives, these campaigns offer the possibility of being rewarded with assets for little to no money. Losers of raffles will also be rewarded with points and airdrop opportunities to ensure mutual incentives across the platform.

The company also announced partnerships that include Ape Terminal, ApeCoin, Polygon, and Chainlink. The platform has partnered with Chainlink to use Chainlink VRF to officially select winners in each campaign. Additionally, in October 2023, ApeCoin DAO approved a partnership that will drive cross-collaboration between each respective community. To date, eesee’s testnet has attracted over 262,309 registrants with an average wallet age of one year. Over the last 90 days, the wallets have had 858,000 transactions worth over $174 million, implying an experienced user base to date.

The company’s native token, $ESE, is scheduled to be launched in an upcoming TGE in Q1.