Bagel Network Closes $3.1M Pre-Seed Funding


Bagel Network, a Toronto, Canada-based provider of a decentralized Machine Learning data network at the intersection of AI and web3, raised $3.1M in Pre-Seed funding.

The round was led by CoinFund with participation from Protocol Labs, Borderless Capital, Maven11 Capital, Graph Paper Capital and Breed VC. 

The company intends to use the funds to bolster internal operations and further drive development of their data ecosystem.

Led by Bidhan Roy, Founder and CEO, Bagel Network works for the AI data landscape by creating a two-sided marketplace where machine learning engineers, researchers, and AI agents collaboratively build, trade, and license datasets. The platform offers a boundless data exchange, respecting privacy, and uniting human and artificial intelligence. Autonomous AI agents engage in this marketplace, advancing the birth of self-developing Artificial General Intelligence. Bagel Network prioritizes verifiable data integrity, ensuring responsible and expansive data evolution.

Commenting on the news, Bidhan Roy said: “At Bagel Network, we envision a future where high-quality, planet-scale machine learning data is trustlessly accessible to both humans and artificial intelligence. By transforming the data economy with incentivized, privacy-preserving mechanisms, we will catalyze significant advancements in AI.”