Samabriva Raises €4M in Funding Round


Samabriva, an Amiens, France-based biotechnology company, completed a nearly €4m Series-A financing.

The round was led by Noshaq and Investsud. This will complement the support already received from Service public de Wallonie (SPW) in Belgium and Banque publique d’investissement (BPI) in France.

The funding will increase the speed with which Samabriva’s technology is deployed and ensure the transformation of the company into a fully-fledged CDMO.

Led by CEO Marina Guillet, Samabriva is a plant-based biotechnology company providing a platform that combines the advantages of plant-based systems (low cost, safe, serum- and animal-free) with traditional bioproduction in large-scale bioreactors. This delivers continuous, reliable and environmentally sustainable manufacture of a wide range of high value molecules all year round, in any location. Its innovative plant-based bioproduction process has the potential to transform production of high value molecules – such as natural active molecules (secondary metabolites) and recombinant proteins – for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.