Scanmed Acquires Med-Lux

Abris Capital Partners, the ESG transformation specialist private equity investor and B Corp, has supported Scanmed, a Polish healthcare business, in acquiring 100% of the shares in Med-Lux Sp. z o.o., a healthcare business in Poland. 

Med-Lux operates two outpatient clinics and a rehabilitation centre on the outskirts of Poznań, one of Poland’s regional capital cities. It offers consultation and diagnostics services across 28 specialisations, including occupational medicine, laryngology, orthopedics, and cardiology and is one of the busiest medical facilities in Poznań. The company provides more than 300,000 medical services annually, serving as a vital part of the local healthcare system, and has a team of 85 medical professionals.

The acquisition has strong strategic rationale, with the acquired facilities complementing Scanmed’s two existing outpatient centres in Poznań. Together they constitute a hub for further development in the Wielkopolskie region, where Scanmed completed its first add-on, of ARS Medical, a cancer care treatment businesses, at the end of 2022.

Abris acquired Scanmed in 2020 with a plan to build a local healthcare champion by improving and growing the group’s service offering in areas including cardiology, oncology, orthopedics and ophthalmology, and by expanding its country-wide geographic coverage. In 2023, the group – which is considered one of Poland’s most trusted healthcare providers – will double its revenues and EBITDA.

Led by Andrzej Podlipski, CEO, Scanmed is one of the leading private healthcare providers in Poland, offering a wide range of medical services within primary care, outpatient specialist consultations, diagnostics and inpatient/hospital treatment. Scanmed Group offers its patients an access to comprehensive therapeutic methods, technologically advanced and high-quality medical equipment and experienced specialists to facilitate their recovery. The Group operates in more than 40 locations across Poland and runs the following medical facilities: two multi-specialist hospitals: St. Raphael in Krakow and Rudolf Weigl in Blachownia, 13 cardiac cath labs, three well-recognised inpatient clinics: Gastromed in Lublin, Sport-Klinika in Żory and Weiss Klinik in Chorzów.