SabioTrade Funded Accounts: Full Review 


Proprietary (prop) trading is a new way for traders to engage in the financial markets. Rather than independently investing their own capital, traders can join a prop trading firm such as SabioTrade, where they can secure a funded account with thousands of dollars at their disposal.

This approach minimizes personal risk and boosts potential earnings. All it takes for a trader is to share a portion of their profits with the brokerage.

In this review, we will delve into the intricacies of prop trading on the example of SabioTrade. Let’s get started!

What is SabioTrade?

SabioTrade stands as a proprietary trading firm, extending funded accounts to proficient traders ranging from $10,000 to $200,000.  SabioTrade boasts the industry’s most competitive assessment cost and a multitude of accompanying advantages.

What are SabioTrade’s Advantages and Disadvantages?

To gain an initial understanding, let’s examine both the strong points and areas of improvement for SabioTrade.

Advantages of SabioTrade

  • Competitive pricing. SabioTrade’s assessment fees start at just $50 for a $10,000 account, which is a legit offer in the market.
  • Traderoom + Dashboard combo. Unlike most prop trading firms that redirect users to external platforms, Sabio has integrated its trading platform into the dashboard, creating a unified trading ecosystem.
  • Instant payouts. SabioTrade allows clients to request payouts as soon as they profit, setting them apart from competitors with no minimum trading day restrictions.
  • Advanced trading technologies. SabioTrade offers a proprietary platform instead of MetaTrader. It features a sleek modern interface, rapid execution, multi-charts, and more.
  • Attainable profit targets. SabioTraders need to hit the 10% profit target every month to keep using the funded account. 
  • Diverse selection of trading instruments: Forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and ETFs.
  • The most substantial leverage options in the proprietary trading sector: from 20:1 up to 100:1.
  • Free education encompassing technical analysis, strategies, trading psychology, and beyond.
  • No-obligation Trial account. Traders can use the $10,000 demo account to test-drive the platform.
  • Rich collection of 100+ technical indicators and useful widgets for effective technical analysis. 
  • In-built trading signals for a better price analysis.

Disadvantages of SabioTrade

  • Platform availability is limited in specific regions, for example in OFAC-listed countries. 
  • No high-risk instruments or crypto, which might present difficulties for traders with a greater appetite for risk. 

Evaluation of the most influential parameters of SabioTrade

Here are the SabioTrade scores based on different parameters:

  • Safety and Security: 9.89/10
  • Assessment: 9.55/10
  • Payout speed: 9.3/10
  • Profit share: 9.7/10
  • Variety of tariffs: 9.4/10
  • User Satisfaction: 9.35/10
  • Variety of Instruments: 8.9/10
  • Customer Support: 9.25/10
  • Education: 9.0/10

Trading conditions for SabioTrade users

SabioTrade’s platform provides access to over 250 assets in different asset classes. 

Trading Platform: SabioTrade proprietary trading platform

Account: Funded account

Minimal tariff: USD 50

Leverage: 20:1 – 100:1 depending on the instrument

Min Order: 0.001

Spread: Varies based on asset

Instruments: CFD on stocks, currency pairs, commodities, ETFs

Mobile trading: Yes

Orders Execution: Market execution

Trading features: Custom-made trading platform integrated within the Dashboard 

Contests and bonuses: Yes

SabioTrade’s commissions & fees

SabioTrade’s commission and fee structure includes a commission ranging from 20% to 30% of the trader’s profit, depending on the chosen plan. Additionally, fees are assessed on spreads and payment system transactions.


SabioTrade offers a unique approach to trading by providing funded accounts, reducing personal risk, and offering potential profits by sharing 10% – 30% of earnings with the brokerage. 

SabioTrade stands out due to its competitive assessment price starting from $50, well-built trading ecosystem with integrated trading platform, funded accounts up to $200,000, fast payouts, and a high leverage up to 100:1. However, the platform may not be available in some regions and lacks high-risk instruments.