LTZ Therapeutics Raises Over $10M in Pre-A+ Financing

LTZ Therapeutics, a Redwood City, CA- and Shenzen, China-based immunotherapy-focused biotech company, raised over $10m in pre-A+ financing.

The round was led by Qiming Venture Partners, with participation from Shunwei Capital, Lihehongxin Venture Capital Partnership and K2 Venture Partners.

The closing of this round brings LTZ’s total funding to approximately $30m since the company was founded in 2022.

The proceeds will be used to continue establishing the company’s platform and pipeline and building LTZ’s global operations team.

Led by Robert Li, Ph.D., Co-Founder and CEO, LTZ Therapeutics is an immunotherapy-focused biotech company pursuing the development of novel therapies to improve clinical outcomes in patients with cancer and other diseases with an unmet clinical need. With main operations in Redwood City, California and Shenzhen China as well as a team out of Heidelberg Germany, LTZ is dedicated to developing immunotherapies capable of overcoming resistance and boosting anti-tumor immunity based on reverse translational science and emerging biology of tumor microenvironment.

LTZ is focused on leveraging the power of innate immunity (e.g., macrophages) and elimination of immunosuppression (e.g.,T regulatory cells, cancer-associated fibroblasts) as these areas have been shown to offer tremendous potential for developing innovative and effective therapies. Specifically, LTZ is developing its own novel Innate Engager Platform to effectively activate macrophages in addition to natural killing (NK) cells as effectors to deliver direct anti-tumor and anti-immunosuppressive cell killing as well as promote inflammation in the tumor microenvironment – indirectly resulting in activated adaptive immunity and long-term memory.

With the addition of three new members, there is now a total of six scientific board members. Joining Sarah Hymowitz, Ph.D.; Greg Cosma, Ph.D. and Lukas Amler, Ph.D., new members include Lillian L Siu, M.D.; Stephen Beers, Ph.D. and Hiroyoshi Nishikawa, M.D., Ph.D.