Investfox, Private Equity Funded, Is About to Change The Reviews of Investment Companies

Since its inception in 2022, investfox has worked to improve the investing business by making it more open and honest. Providing objective expert ratings and a place for reliable user feedback, the startup aims to make it easier for customers to choose between investment companies and possibilities.

The startup, which is newly launched and is a private equity funded company, wants to make the investment much easier for people and help them to choose the proper broker, which suits best their needs and strategies. 

As investing in financial markets becomes more and more popular among people around the world, the number of investing companies skyrockets respectively. As competition increases and new opportunities emerge for investors, it is imperative that consumers keep an eye on the development of investment companies and the services they offer. For example, if one company was considered a good investment company years ago, today it has many competitors, which may furnish customers with more developed and innovative services. So, when it comes to trading or investing in financial markets, it’s crucial to be on the lookout for changes in the providers’ services. And here’s where investfox shines and is a prominent game-changer. Continue reading to get more about the company and the way it is going to change the review of investment companies. 

What does investfox do?

Newbies on the investment journey will find investfox to be an incredible resource. The project’s huge knowledge base, with appealing graphics, is meant to make acquiring advanced financial information as simple as feasible.

Using investfox, everyday investors will have a place to discuss and assess the services they get from financial institutions and the possibilities available to them. In addition, investfox will serve as a resource for those just getting started in the world of trading and investing in the financial markets. But that’s not all you can do with investfox. The founder, Konstantin Rabin, claims that the investing business is very divided and that there are few educational resources available to its members. The team intends to close this gap by regularly publishing papers that analyze the investing industry’s marketing, operations, regulation, and other factors.

The investfox initiative provides the organization with a straightforward, verifiable rating system. Its goal is to provide scores to investment firms based on many criteria, including the quality of their services, their responsiveness to client needs, and the breadth of their product choices. The investfox reviews and its user ratings on investfox are kept completely separate, allowing users to openly discuss their experiences with various investing firms.

How can investfox become a game-changer?

When it comes to businesses in the investing industry, investfox is a great place to read both professional and customer evaluations. If you aren’t sure which broker to choose, the experts at investfox can provide you with a detailed assessment of the firm and a grade based on a wide range of factors. Nonetheless, investors may make their voices known and share their thoughts on the platform by using the comments section on investfox. So how exactly do the financial service providers’ evaluation work on investfox?


The startup has its own methodology and when it comes to evaluating a certain broker experts at investfox take into account 8 main factors, including:

  1. Safety
  2. Assets
  3. Fees
  4. Account opening
  5. Trading software
  6. Support
  7. Research
  8. Mobile Experience

Each of these criteria has its own maximum point. For example, in the case of safety, the coefficient is 2 and the maximum point is 5. So, if the company has the highest quality safety it will be evaluated with 5 points and will be multiplied by the coefficient (in this case coefficient =2). In addition to that, when it comes to the regulations, its regulator, based on its reputation, has different scores. Finally the higher score a certain brokerage has, the more reputable and credible it is for the investors. This system, as it involves every significant aspect that should be fulfilled by the brokerage firm, can be quite useful for investors who want to find the best brokerage. In addition to this, investfox is prominent not because of only expert reviews, but because of the user reviews. This platform unites user and expert reviews, so that new visitors can look at both of them and find whether or not a certain broker can be suitable for them. How does this work exactly? Let’s take a simple example. 

For example, when you want to choose a movie to watch, you visit one of the most famous websites like IMDB, to get as much information about the movie as possible (whether or not it suits your taste and whether or not it is worth watching, has good soundtracks, visual effects and so forth). You look at the user reviews on the things you wonder about the movies. When you find that some movies have better reviews than others, you most probably choose the better-reviewed movie to watch. The same goes for investfox, you choose the financial service provider that has better services and better reviews from the users. This kind of system can be game-changing in an investment world, which increases in size from time to time and becomes more and more competitive.