Redbud Brands Raises $46M in Funding

Redbud Brands

Redbud Brands, an Austin, TX- and Los Angeles, CA-based operating holding company focused on creating, funding, and scaling consumer businesses, raised $46M in funding.

The round was led by Satori Capital, with participation from Sands Capital, and VMG Partners.

The company intends to use the funds to further support commercialized portfolio brands with key hires and incremental resources to drive further customer acquisition and omni-channel expansion, as well as to continue to create, incubate, and launch products and ideas.

Led by Founder Brian Goldberg, Redbud Brands is an operating holding company focused on creating, incubating, and accelerating “better-for-you” consumer packaged goods and digital consumer brands and companies in the food and beverage, health and wellness, beauty, and pet sectors. The firm provides its portfolio companies with a shared services infrastructure and offers guidance and access to capital through early-stage milestones, accelerating the growth and de-risking the most promising brands to help them to achieve their maximum potential.

Redbud has a balanced portfolio with more than ten businesses that have either been launched or tracking to be launched soon. These brands include SunDaze, a low sugar, better-for-you fermented juice-based cocktail brand, and NAPJITSU, a supplement line that enhances performance and productivity.

Redbud Brands’ operating partner is John Ferrari, who has more than 20 years of startup and growth company experience. The firm’s 100+-person advisory team includes entrepreneurs, executives, influencers, and investors in the consumer packaged goods and technology sectors.