Tiamat Sciences Raises $3M in Seed Funding

Tiamat Sciences

Tiamat Sciences, a Durham, NC-based female-owned biotech startup, raised $3M in seed funding.

The round was led by True Ventures with participation from Social Impact Capital and Cantos.

Led by France-Emmanuelle Adil, founder and CEO, Tiamat Sciences manufactures animal-free proteins using a proprietary plant molecular farming platform which combines biotechnology, vertical farming, and computation design. By replacing bioreactors with plants, the company produces key reagents for biotechnology companies with applications in such industries as cellular agriculture, regenerative medicine, and vaccine production.

With its two operating sites, in Belgium and the U.S., team, the company is signing global partnerships and preparing its expansion to include additional local production facilities. The company is already on its way to reach carbon-neutral production. Those strategies will allow Tiamat to reduce its environmental footprint and offer string supplies in a field that has endured numerous raw material shortages over the past several years.

Tiamat Sciences will build its pilot production facility in technology research center Research Triangle Park in Durham, North Carolina.