Parallel Fluidics Raises $1.8M in Funding

Parallek Fluidics, a Boston MA-based digital manufacturer of microfluidic devices, raised $1.8M in funding.

Investors included leaders in digital manufacturing and the lab-on-chip space, including: 

  • Larry Lukis, Founder and Chairman (retired) of ProtoLabs, the world’s leader in rapid manufacturing, 
  • Matt Blodgett, an early investor in ProtoLabs and Xometry, 
  • John McEleney, Co-Founder of Onshape, and 
  • Sean Dalton, who led Xometry’s Series A investment.

The company intends to use the funds to hire new employees, in particular manufacturing and mechanical engineers, and further develop its capabilities and capacity.

Founded in 2020 by Josh Gomes, a veteran of the organ-on-chip industry, and Andy Harris, a software engineer who previously built automated orchestration systems at Uber, Parallel Fluidics is a digital manufacturer of microfluidic devices, which scale down complicated laboratory processes into single devices that are often smaller than a credit card. The miniaturization and automation afforded by these microfluidic chips have the potential to decrease the cost and increase the reliability of point-of-care testing, genomics, diagnostics, drug development, and many other fields.