Virsec Raises $100M in Series C Funding


Virsec, a San Jose, Calif.-based cybersecurity company dedicated to fully protecting software as it is executing, raised $100m in Series C funding.

The round, which brought total funding in the company to $137m, was led by BlueIO, with participation from Allen & Company LLC, Arena Holdings, Intuitive Venture Partners, JC2 Ventures, Artiman Ventures, Quantum Valley Investments, and Marker Hill Capital, as well as

  • John Chambers, the former Chairman and CEO of Cisco,
  • Mike Ruettgers, the former Chairman and CEO of EMC, and
  • a number of former high-ranking government and intelligence officials.

The company intends to use the funds to expand operations and its business reach.

Led by Dave Furneaux, Chief Executive Officer, Virsec provides the Virsec Security Platform (VSP), which stops sophisticated attacks at the first point of insurgence, so an adversary does not have the dwell time in software to orchestrate and execute their malicious plans.

Virsec delivers in-depth visibility across the entire workload and detects, and blocks known and unknown threats that remain concealed by heuristic and endpoint security solutions. The solution maps the expected performance of each application on a workload and protects the memory those applications use to execute and ensures that the components of those applications are correct and unmodified before they are allowed to execute, and any deviation from the norm is treated as a threat.